Tuesday, 17 December 2013

"Batman" in Carlyle Square

 Dear Diary,

I`m in such a Christmas mood, how would`n I be? Every place in London is Christmas decorated and the atmosphere is festive and jolly! As I promised myself that I`ll go out and explore my neighborhood, I did so and I found that beautiful place. Yes, it`s a square- I love squares, parks, anything that is related to the beauties of nature. After a 10-minute walk from my house, I bumped into Carlyle Square. A different kind of Christmas tree was standing at the front of the Square capturing my attention, ready to strike poses alongside me. 
I won`t say anything about the historical background of Carlyle Square since my research ended up with no results BUT you can enjoy yourselves whilst looking at the pics....
*I`ve edited the photos with gleam so as to look bright and cheerful in way that they seem suitable for welcoming Christmas!

Stay tuned!
Festive cheers,
Litsiana K.

Leopard Cap, PRIMARK
Leopard Fur, PRIMARK
Batman T-shirt (men`s wear), PRIMARK 
Nylon Pen Skirt, PRIMARK
Platform Shoes, Tally Weijl

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