Sunday, 30 March 2014

A "Happy Face" in Kingston upon Thames

Dear Diary,

London is awesome and the options provided are more than enough. I think it`s impossible to go everywhere in London since it has up to 9 zones, not quite sure though. My favourite one is Zone 1, where the hustle and bustle is but setting off on day trips is such an invigorating experience. 
The other day, I decided to go to Kingston Upon Thames in zone 6. I went there by train and the journey was quite nice. When I arrived at the station, I had a big smile on my face....I love being in new places. You never know what comes behind the next corner.
 I found myself wandering the streets of Kingston, absorbing any new image I bumped into. In Kingston, there is almost everything but in a smaller size, making the place warm and cozy. 
I was strolling along the river Thames; being surrounded by trees and the river brings you closer to the nature. 
But I was looking for something weird and different. Something unique that cannot be found anywhere else. 
Spending a lot of hours in careful scrutiny of the region, I came up with no results. I took the way back but this time, I preferred the bus rather than the train. I hopped on the bus and I hooped off after one stopping. The "thing" I was looking for suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
A row of telephone booths seemed to be the case!
 Do you know the board game 'domino'? Have you ever seen a domino made by telephone booths? Well, me neither, merely in some carte postales. 

I know I didn`t say anything about the place.
I wanted to stress the importance of everyone`s strong desire to see/ do new things.
It`s what makes our days special; a  continuously purpose of carefully looking for what makes us happy!
Be happy and smile!
Litsiana K.

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Models for a day/Vanity Studios

Dear Diary,

Now, I know why people are waiting for Friday to come...
Friday is the day that you can go crazy, be anything but ordinary and do whatever you want!
Friday for me is just another great weekday during which I can be off schedule and enjoy every single minute of it.
Last Friday was awesome! I knew what was about to happen almost a week ago but still I was waiting impatiently for Friday to come. My sweet Balbina asked me a few days ago if I would like to join her to a prof shooting at a photography studio. At first, I was reluctant to say "yes" but second thoughts pushed me into saying "YES"....
It would be a shooting day with my kith, what`s better???
During the week, we hit a couple of stores in order to find fashionable clothes, spending hours trying them on. The fitting rooms? The place where there was a real meeting of minds.
 In the beginning, we were a lil bit disappointed because we couldn`t find what we were looking for but in the end, we went back home with lots of shopping bags crammed full of clothes, accessories, etc.
Finally, Friday came and we met up at Oxford Circus at 9.30a.m. going straight ahead to Vanity Studios.
Welcome drinks and finger food were provided. We merely drunk some juice; hunger was just a word.
We had experts do our nails, hair and make-up. The photographer came and in the meanwhile we were putting on our first outfit. Lights, camera,snaps, laughter and creativity were on!
Beauty saloon, 5 outfits, 5 different concepts in 4 hours! We were running like crazy from the one room to the changing rooms so as to manage to put on everything we were carrying with us....
Our first collaboration was beyond expectations and the result is more than rewarding!
Let the pictures tell what I can`t!

 I wish I had more pics to show you! Of course, there were more but Balbina and I decided that these were the best to take and leave Vanity Studios filled with the best memories!
Our motto? "MODELS FOR A DAY!
Kiss Kiss,
Litsiana. K*