Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Autumn against Xmas:part 1/Hyde Park

 Dear Diary,

Good fights over evil.
White over black, and
London over its appearance!

London is double-faced.
The park-faced London and the cement-faced London.
Parks follow the natural trend! 
The cement follows the consumption trend!

Parks cannot go against nature or against the season. They still look amazing, dressed in their deciduous leaves. The colours, the vibes you get by simply looking at them or by walking along them cannot be described in words.That`s why they say an image can speak a thousand words. The pics that follow are trying to reveal some of the magic found in the ``natural habitat`` of London.
On the other side, the city is dressed in its festive attire. Xmas trees, lights, ornaments have already welcomed the Xmas spirit.

I won`t say that I don`t like it, but once in a while I want to escape from it before being swallowed by the Xmas bombard or becoming so fed up of Xmas in that Xmas is yet too far!

Too complicating? 

Well, let`s take the most of fall before it says bb for the next 300, or so, days.
This battle between autumn and Xmas will continue to the upcoming posts tho...
Till then,
Kiss kiss
Hug hug,
Litsiana K.

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