Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The jungle of my thoughts...

Dear Diary,

Xmas is coming and in 16 days 2015 will give its place to 2016....

How about having a throwback to last year and compare then with now?? haha.
It was sunny every single day, now isn`t not...
I was into platforms (lego), now am not... I am into more feminine and elegant footwear... 
I was a fedora hat sucker, now I prefer beanies...
My hair was super ombre, now it`s in my natural colour (!!!!) apart form the edges...
I loved and still love and I will always love fur coats...
I simple afore them  and cannot imagine a winter without me wearing them!

I love browsing through my old pics
 I hate getting flashbacks from things I don`t want to remember...
Some of them have already been deleted ( why should I keep them while I can erase them by merely pushing one button?!?!?) but, some others will forever stay coz they simply make me feel happy!

Looking back doesn`t mean you are stuck in the past...
It means that you are brave enough to confront the past and filter out....
Throw away what makes you feel sad and keep whatever makes you feel happy!
Also, you realise what is the best for you... and you have to go for it!

That`s all for today!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Faux Fur, Primark
Leather Pants, Karl Lagerfeld
Platforms, Primark
Fedora Hat, Vinatae
Bag, Calvin Klein 
Shades, TOMS

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Happy December! / Winterville

Dear Diary,

You have no idea how much I`ve missed you!
It had been an intensive month;
house hunting, moving out and in,, buying furniture, unpacking, putting everything together,  getting used to my new place, working, having my ups and downs, etc.  
In 2 years, I have moved 4 times and believe me it is not easy at all. Spending my life in the same house and then the past 24 months having me and my personal belongings moving around London, it is weird.
What have I learned from the move? The trick is not to have to move furniture! Have your luggage, especially this with 4 wheels, crammed full of your stuff. When I moved from Greece had just two pieces of luggage and now, had 10!!!

Happy December! 
The Friday of the months is here and I couldn`t have been happier!
It is the most wonderful time of the year!
Xmas is coming in 12 day....
Everything around  looks like a fairy tale!
The other day, I went to Winterville. Had never been there before. It is a miniature version of Winter Wonderland! It is cute but cannot be compared to WW. 

I`ll be in a Christmassy pursuit! 
Write to you soon!
Kiss Kiss,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Faux Fur, H&M
Jumper, Primark
Faux Leather Pants, Primark
Beanie, H&M
Gloves, Topshop
Bag, Karl Lagerfeld
Shoes, River Island

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Happy Halloween!

 Dear Diary,

Happy Halloween!
Too late, huh?
Last Saturday 10.31.2105, it`s Halloween! 
It was so much fun!
Balbi and I had not decided what we would be disguised as till the very last moment.
I found some spare zips that helped us a lot to go for the half bloody wounded unzipped face and half sexy one...
We had all the cosmetics we needed and we started experimenting on our faces.
All went well and we were more than satisfied with the result!
It took us 2 hours tho.
Then, we put on a dress and heels and we were ready to start off our Saturday night out.
We took a few pics and we immediately headed to Shoreditch, to PizaaBuzz for a delicious Black Widow pizza coz we were starving!  
After stuffing our tummies, we went for a few cocktails in Liverpool str (Old Bengal Bar) and back to Shoreditch (Catch & Cirque) again.
 We wanted whatever we were ordering to be related to Halloween so we had done our homework the previous days so we knew where exactly to go and ask for!

 Don`t know how scary we were in disguise  but, Balbi is to me a lot.
I fear the moment we will not be together any more coz we both come from different countries and have different goals in our lives and one day we might have to split up and no longer be together...
As has happened with my bestie Ayten who is miles away almost one year now...
Social media helps us keep in touch but still it is not enough....
Oh well, life brings people to us when there is a reason to have them next to us and share moments that we will never forget! 
That`s all for now, folks.
Need to go!
Kiss kiss,
Listiana K

On me:
Glitter Dress, Primark
Bag, Chanel
Shoes, Bershka

On Balbina:
Dress, Primark
Bag, Primark
Shoes, Primark

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Holland Park!

Dear Diary.

Sundays are for looong strolls along beautiful parks!
No, I didn' t go anywhere today.  Instead, I spent the whole day at home as a couch potato since yesterday, it was Halloween and went out for 12hours! (pics will be up soon)

So, back to the park subject.
Last Sunday, I went to Holland Park with my bae, Balbina.
It was an amazing sunny autumnal day!
We had coffee on the go and explored the whole park in just 3hours...
Balbi really loved the park; she had never been there before. For me, it was the 3rd time but, never been there in fall, once in winter and twice in spirng/summer.

Out of the blue, Don called me and he just joined us in less than 30min!We have this thing with parks, right? Then we went for a delicious burger at Byron's and then for 5 o'clock tea at Aubaine, South Kensington.

We plan to hit another park soon before all leaves leave the trees completly naked...

I feel lucky that I live in a world where there are Octobers.
Btw, Happy November, ppl!
Till next bootiful post,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Faux fair, H&M
Long shirt, Primark
Jumper, Primark
Faux Lether Pants, Primark
Sneakers, NIKE
Bag, Karl Lagerfeld
Shades, DIOR

On Balbina:
Jumper, Primark
Leggins, Calzedonia
Boots, Primark
Back Pack, Primark
Sneakers, Merkalzados
Shades, Bikkembergs