Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Happy Valentine`s Day!/ secret yard

Dear Diary,

Happy Valentine`s day! 

What actually is this V day?
Well, some say that it`s a special day on which you show your love to your Valentine, the one you are in love with, by giving them red roses, chocolates, stuffed toys, etc. 
For others, it`s just a day of conspicuous consumption because you must buy all this stuff so as to show your love and for them love can be showed every single day, not only on the 14th February. 
What I think of the V day?
Well. I`m somewhere in between. For me, my Valentine can be anyone. My family, my pet( I don`t have any tho), my best friends, myself! Anyone I want to show my love to and express my  feelings and affection for them. I`m not that into buying V things for the day. I`m more into DIY. I use what I already have and give them a V vibe. 

So? Who was my V? Who else apart from my B!
It was the perfect excuse to be with my bestie and do something that we immensely enjoy and we are good at: be unconditionally crazy....
We tried to be as V as possible, so we put on a red dress, a blazer, black boots and a statement hat. The setting came out of the blue and it couldn`t have been a better one; the secret yard in my building....Well, not that secret but,I  had no idea that there was such a yard here!?!?!?!
The weather was extremely windy so we had to fight, like a lot, over the wind, the blowing dress and the almost gone with the wind balloons.... one gone forever tho up in the sky.

As I was browsing through the pics so as to choose which ones I `ll upload, I couldn`t find a proper one in which we wouldn`t look that kook  at all. And then I thought aloud. Well.... That`s us and we can do nothing about it. 

Balbi and I represent well the following quote:
Imperfection is beauty, 
Madness is genius
and it`s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. 
Boredom doesn`t suit us!
Who`s your best partner in crime?
Bye now,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Blazer, Juicy Couture
Dress, H&M
Fedora Wool Hat, Primark
Shoes, FashionMark
Shades, Vintage
Necklace, Dior

On Balbina:
Blazer, Bershka
Dress, Primark
Shoes, Primark
Fedora Wool Hat, Select
Shades, River Island

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  1. Awww.. Lovely to know you had a fun day. Definitely and Red & Black affair. Cute.