Thursday, 16 April 2015

The concrete jungle!

Dear Diary,

For some, living in a foreign country can mean you`re always at sea about what`s going on...Being confused or not sure what to do creates an impossible situation and the only way to improve it, is by going to a smaller city/town where they don`t feel too stressed for comfort!
For me, it`s the other way round! 
Hardly can I imagine myself living in a small place where few things happen. It`s impossible for me to be away from the hustle and bustle... I`m a big city girl! I`ve always been and will always be!
Going on trips and seeing new places not only opens my horizons but also makes me realise how lucky I`m that I live in the concrete jungle of my dreams, London! 
Well, the 'concrete jungle' on its own has a negative connotation since it means a place in a city that`s crawling with big ugly buildings and has no open spaces. In London, that`s not the case! Wherever you lay your eyes on, you instantly get in love with the impressive structures around you! Also, the city is packed full of parks and open spaces where you can feel like a free bird!
Time here is at full pelt! So many things, so little time...

Should you feel fed up with where you currently are, move!
You are not a tree!
A big kiss,
Litsiana K.  
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