Monday, 11 May 2015


Dear Diary,

Almost a month passed since my last blogpost and yet I haven`t got used to not finding some proper time to update you....
Soooo annoying!
The truth is that during the week I`m immensely busy and when I come back home after work I just want to chillax and go to sleep so as to confont the upcoming day fully recharged. During the weekends, I try to escape from the daily routine and do new things that will refresh me and fill me in with new experience!
About one and a half week ago, I paid a visit to Birmingham! To be honest, though it`s the the largest and most popular British city outside London it wasn`t on my list but, since the weekend getaway was a last minute decision Birmingham seemed the perfect destination from all aspects! 
On Saturday, the weather was gloomy and wanna be rainy-thank God it didn`t rain-.
On Sunday, the weather was amazing! The bluest sky was crammed full of fluffy clouds and I soaked up some sun! 
I am so thankful for having the chance to experience Birmingham in all weathers!
No matter what the weather looks like, Birmingham is stunning! A mixture of architecturally unique buildings, many malls, markets and arcades comprise the unforgettable city of Birmingham! 
More or less, it reminded me of my hometown, Thessaloniki! A concrete jungle where little green can be spotted but you fall in love with at 1st sight!

Ready to go on a visual trip to Birmingham?
I`ve used yester-color effect to edit my pics so as to give them a nostalgic look.

Today, I decided to give vent to my bottled-up feeling by writing to you and reminiscing about a previous lovely weekend I had, looking forward to having more adventures pretty soon!
That`s all for today,
bedtime calling!
Write to you soon!
Goodnight kiss,
Litsiana K.  

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