Friday, 17 July 2015

British Summer Time!/Hyde Park

Dear Diary,

Work is officially over... Whoop whoop!
That means that summer holidays are about to start!
Let's go back in time tho...and in particular about a month ago and to
British Summer Time that took place at Hyde Park.
I went there with (who else?!?!) my partner in crime, Balbina and we had a blast! What's better than being kids again on a Friday evening in between workplaces???
 It was extra refreshing!
The weather was amazing and the place was super cool!
We went there on the opening day (not crowded at all, thank God!) and we tried everything they had to offer!!! We had our free frozen yogurt dose, free cereal bars, free flash tattoos, free chalk coloured hair, a free wing carousel ride and a free 100m high ride!!!
In a few words; we were spoiled rotten!

Be spontaneous and crazy!
You gonna love it, I promise!
Till next summer post,
A thousand kisses,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Leather Jacket, ANEL
Shirt, Primark
Pants, Primark
Shoes, Bershka
Bag, Victoria Secret

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