Saturday, 28 May 2016

OXO Tower

Dear Diary,

My previous post was to be continued...
As we were longing for some desserts, we went to get some at OXO Tower.
OXO was on the other side of Me London so we walked down the Waterloo bridge and along Southbank.
We really love this area!
The brasserie had an amazing view over Thames between Waterloo and Millennium bridges, the view of St` Pauls Cathedral and of some nice building along the other side of the river. 
We had our favourite Martini Espresso and a dark chocolate tart with peanut butter ice cream!
I`m not a fan of peanut butter but, that one tasted really nice!

What are your plans for today?
It`s not a simple weekend here.
It`s a bank-holiday-weekend ahead!
Breakfast callin`.
Litsiana K.

On me:
Outerwear, Ferragamo
Vest, River Island
Culottes, Topshop
Chocker, H&M
Shoes, River Island
Bag, Victoria Secret

Shades, Gianni Venturi  

Friday, 27 May 2016

Radio Rooftop Bat @ Me London

Dear Diary,

It`s Friday and yes I`m dreamin` of my weekend ahead!
Last week was glorious!
On Sunday, my bestie and I went to a nice rooftop bar in Strand area, opposite Somerset House.
The weather was really warm (although you see me keep layering myself, lol) and we wanted to hit this place a while now.
You know? 
We have made a really long list of things we must see in London. 
It`s our London Bucket list.
You see, 
London is an endless source of places to visit and things to do... 
Whenever we cross something out from the list we add more, hahaha.
We call it the "never ending list"!

on this rooftop, we soak up some sun 
we enjoyed our tasty brunch accompanied with boozes 
but most of all, we couldn`t stop staring at the view ahead us....

We stayed for two hours and the we were craving for some dessert.
The desserts served at Radio Rooftop couldn`t not match our taste so we had to think of another place. 
We tried to fish the next place to host us by looking out at the view.
The winner?
OXO Tower!
This would go up as post soon.
Till next time,
take care, loves!
Litsiana K.

On me:
Outerwear, Ferragamo
Vest, River Island
Culottes, Topshop
Chocker, H&M
Shoes, River Island
Bag, Victoria Secret

Shades, Gianni Venturi  

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Dear Diary,

Was the weather unreal the past month? Or is it my idea?
Summer seemed that had come for sure in the city but, the today`s cold weather has made us rethink- this too good to be true- idea that crossed our minds...

About 3 weeks ago, I went to my happy place on this island, Brighton!
Brighton is my first summer destination the past 3 years and whenever I go there I never get enough of it! 
Every time I discover something new... And every time I stand in awe of its beauty!

No, I didn`t have my first splash. I wasn`t that brave I`m afraid. The water was iced cold. There were a few people and especially kids who really had some fun playing with the sea tho...


When the weather is that summary, wherever I go
 I get the most of it!
It felt so damn good to be back in my bikini; had missed it a lot for the simple reason "life is better in a bikini"!
Need to go now, puppies!
Till next time!
Loads of kisses,

On me:
Jean Jacket, Levi`s
Swimsuit, Bershka
Fake leather shorts, H&M
Cap, H&M
Sneakers, Nike
Backpack, Moschino
Shades, Playboy

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Chelsea in Bloom 2015

Dear Diary,

When was the last time you received or bought flowers?
It`s been a year for... and I love flowers that much!
Since moving out and in in November till now no flower has been purchased.
(Does a plant of mint for my fresh mint tea count as a flower in the house ?!?!?!?!)
I have noooo idea.
Obviously no one offered me any (soooo sad)
and I haven`t put me into the trouble of buying any.
I haven`t spot any good place in my house to place them.
It feels like there is no room for them.... (soooo sad)

The truth is that I`ve missed flowers a lot!

But it`s this time of the year again!
The year that Chelsea will be getting showered with loads of amazing flowers.
Coz there is no better way to celebrate the start of summer than this; than Chelsea’s prestigious annual floral art show known as Chelsea in bloom.
The world class alternative floral art show is back for its 11th year transforming the streets of Chelsea from the 23rd to 28th May with breathtaking floral displays.

This year’s theme is ‘Carnival’ inspired by the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Are you ready?????

Flowers bring positive vibes therefore,
 where flowers bloom so does hope!
Litsiana K.