Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Dear Diary,

Was the weather unreal the past month? Or is it my idea?
Summer seemed that had come for sure in the city but, the today`s cold weather has made us rethink- this too good to be true- idea that crossed our minds...

About 3 weeks ago, I went to my happy place on this island, Brighton!
Brighton is my first summer destination the past 3 years and whenever I go there I never get enough of it! 
Every time I discover something new... And every time I stand in awe of its beauty!

No, I didn`t have my first splash. I wasn`t that brave I`m afraid. The water was iced cold. There were a few people and especially kids who really had some fun playing with the sea tho...


When the weather is that summary, wherever I go
 I get the most of it!
It felt so damn good to be back in my bikini; had missed it a lot for the simple reason "life is better in a bikini"!
Need to go now, puppies!
Till next time!
Loads of kisses,

On me:
Jean Jacket, Levi`s
Swimsuit, Bershka
Fake leather shorts, H&M
Cap, H&M
Sneakers, Nike
Backpack, Moschino
Shades, Playboy

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