Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Clifton Nurseries

Dear Diary,

How`s everything?
It`s raining outside, I`m  in my bed under my duvet and it`s time for me to update you with pictures from my lovely Sunday!

On Sunday, the weather was glorious! My bestie and I went to a nice place which is instagram popular lately.
I`m talking about Clifton Nurseries and the Quince Tree Cafe.  
It`s a plant nursery with a range of outdoor furniture, gardening accessories and a garden design service.
It`s very busy on Sunday. People were coming to buy their plants. Oh, I wish I had bought some plants for my house.
I have a small mint plant in my staircase, which I water (sometimes I forget but, it survives thanks to the love I show it) and talk to, hihihi.

The Quince Tree Cafe is located in the palm houses and serves delicious brunches and mouth-watering cakes!
We enjoyed the perfect day out and were inspired by the unique combination of plants and patisserie!

We both felt refreshed after our short visit to the Nurseries.
Nature did its magic and we`re thankful for this!
Till next time, diaries!
Kiss kiss,
Litsiana K.

On me:
Jumpsuit, Primark
Shoes, Bershka
Shades, Playboy
Hat, Primark
Boy Bag, Chanel 

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