Thursday, 7 July 2016

Big Chill House/ Drink Shop & Do

 Dear Diary,

Lately, people and especially my students during the last week of lessons ask me what I have missed the most from Greece.
I had no answer for such a question...

The moment I landed in Thessaloniki, I knew exactly what I`d missed.
The sun, this sticky summer humid on my skin, hearing people speak Greek and the real Greek food.

I`m here and people ask me what I`ve already missed from London.
Oh well. Everything and nothing.
I would once again know the moment I`m back.
I would say the brunches on the London`s amazing rooftops and the cakes I had every weekend.

The good thing is that I feel happy in either country and there is no need for missing things or feeling homesick...
To be honest, I really wanted to give London and I a break although I had some hesitations... 
The weather roulette and the "summer in Greece" helped me a lot to make a quick decision and book my ticket last minute!

Back to the post.

A nice place to have your brunch at is Big Chill House, King`s Cross.
The cocktails were amazing and the brunch we had was the best we`d ever had!
So simple but yet so yum!
Afterwards, we headed to a nearby coffee shop; Drink, Shop & Do.
The cakes we had were finger-licking!

 That`s all for now.
Time to relax.
Today,I had my very first splash.
Litsiana K.

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