Thursday, 14 July 2016

Coq d`Argent

Dear Diary,

The post is on after a delay of about a day...
Oh well.
Yesterday, I had auntie`s duty, hihi!
I took my lil nephew and niece to the cinemas and we watched "Angry Birds". We had popcorn (I had nachos) and water to stuff our tummies with.
I feel so happy when having them around me!


This post is about my last Sunday in London before coming back to Greece.
B and I went to an amazing place for what else?!?!?! For brunch... so typical us!
After brunch we went to see the gardens.
When I first looked at it I stood in awe...
Oh London. you do have a licence to stun!
So much beauty in one place!
The gardens are smaller than the impression the google pics leave to you but that was fine with us.
The place was empty and I was wandering why.
The security guy told us that on weekdays the place is full of people and you cannot either see much or take pics like the ones we took. 
It`s our lucky day!
We took hundreds of pics and we had a fabulous time in our private little garden with a view to die for!

Why do I feel so nice in a garden???
Mmmm. maybe coz life begun in a garden...
Till next time.
Litsiana K.

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