Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Piccadilly Circus/ Billboards

Dear Diary,

The other day I read in Time Out London that the Piccadilly Circus billboards could be replaced by one giant screen...
I read this article 4 days after me taking pics in front of the billboards and got quite shocked since I cannot imagine how it would look like after the replacement.

The iconic billboards at Piccadilly Circus have been lighting up London for nearly a century (!!!), with the first electric billboards appearing on the London Pavilion way back in 1923.
But now the six billboards could be replaced by one huge screen which could be worth £30 million!!!! The move might take a while tho, as existing advertisers such as Coca-Cola - which has been there since 1955 – could have a long-term contract. 
But if it goes ahead, all those #piccadillycircus snaps will never be quite the same... 

I don`t think I have a lot of pics in Piccadilly Circus!
I need to pose more often there before any big change happens...
Are you up to changes in your life???

Any change can be hard at the beginning,
messy in the middle 
gorgeous at the end!
So make the move... 
Litsiana K.

On me:
Jacket, vintage
Top, River Island
Skirt, Primark
Shoes, River Island
Bag, Michael Kors
Chocker, River Island
Shades, Gianni Venturi 

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