Sunday, 29 January 2017

LitsianaDoesBudapest/ part1

Dear Diary,

The moment I landed in London I had to think about the next flight I had to catch 2 days later to Budapest.
There I had to meet up with Xenia who was coming from Greece. We did exactly the same last Easter in Berlin and worked out pretty well!
Xenia is defo my travel buddy since we`ve gone on 4 trips together. 

Budapest was supposed to be freezing cold and it was. -3 degrees and who knows what the real feel would be like and thank God I had my warm up in Thessaloniki so as to get used to temperatures like these.
Who said that London is cold???? London seemed the warmest place...

Budapest was in white due to snow the previous days. During our stay it didn`t snow at all. It was so sunny and lovely but, freezing cold. Wearing thermal clothes made our tourism a bit easier, lol.

Budapest is a nice destination to go to. It combines hills found in Buda and flat land in Pest. The architecture is stunning. The numerous bridges that connect Buda with Pest are so beautiful and all different from each other. My favourite one is the (Green Bridge or officially named) Liberty Bridge followed by Chain Bridge. 
Danube River was frozen and unfortunately we didn`t take the cruise we so much wanted on the river in the late evening so as to see the most important Hungarian buildings lit up. Oh well. thanks to tram 2 and 19 we had our night exploration! 

~Hello Hungary!
Window view over snowy Budapest from the plane!~

~Liberty Bridge and frozen Danube!~

~St. Stephen`s Basilica and panoramic view over Buda and Pest!~

~St. Stephen`s Basilica at night!~

~The Parliament at night!~

~Our lovely hotel at night!~

~New York Cafe: the most amazing coffee place and restaurant. High ceilings and amazing decor! Highly recommend!~

~Central Market~

That`s all for now, loves!
Hope you had an amazing weekend and got ready to kick off the new week.
Soon more pics and info about Budapest.
Sleep tight,
Litsiana K

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